I am a second year graduate student in the Berkeley EECS department. My interests lie primarily in error-correcting codes, streaming algorithms, interactive coding, and more broadly in algorithms/complexity. I am fortunate to be advised by Venkatesan Guruswami and previously (while at MSR) by Yael Tauman Kalai. My research is supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and previously a UC Berkeley Chancellor's Fellowship. Before my PhD, I completed my undergraduate degree in mathematics at MIT in 2020 and interned at Microsoft Research from 2021-2022.

Outside of research, I am especially excited about supporting girls in math contests. I led/coached the USA high school team for the European Girls Math Olympiad (EGMO) from 2018-2023. Moreover, I co-organize/co-founded G2 Math Program, a 2-week summer camp bringing together the most talented and dedicated high school girls to train for math olympiads.

meghal [at] berkeley [dot] edu


All papers represent equal contribution, and authors are listed in alphabetical order.

Tight bounds for stream decodable error-correcting codes πŸ”—
Meghal Gupta, Venkatesan Guruswami, Mihir Singhal (2024)

Optimal Quantile Estimation: Beyond the Comparison Model πŸ”—
Meghal Gupta, Mihir Singhal, Hongxun Wu (2024)
FOCS 2024 Best Student Paper

Dueling Optimization with a Monotone Adversary πŸ”—
Avrim Blum, Meghal Gupta, Gene Li, Naren Sarayu Manoj, Aadirupa Saha, Yuanyuan Yang (2023)
ALT 2024 Outstanding Paper Award

Constant Query Local Decoding Against Deletions Is Impossible πŸ”—
Meghal Gupta (2023)
STOC 2024

On Interactive Coding Schemes with Adaptive Termination πŸ”—
Meghal Gupta and Rachel Yun Zhang (2023)

A Noise Resilient Transformation for Streaming Algorithms πŸ”—
Meghal Gupta and Rachel Yun Zhang (2023)

A New Upper Bound on the Maximal Error Resilience of Interactive Error-Correcting Codes πŸ”—
Meghal Gupta and Rachel Yun Zhang (2023)
RANDOM 2023*

Tight Space Lower Bound for Pseudo-Deterministic Approximate Counting πŸ”—
Ofer Grossman, Meghal Gupta, Mark Sellke (2023)
FOCS 2023

Binary Error Correcting Codes with Minimal Noiseless Feedback πŸ”—
Meghal Gupta, Venkatesan Guruswami, Rachel Yun Zhang (2022)
STOC 2023

Efficient Interactive Coding Achieving Optimal Error Resilience Over the Binary Channel πŸ”—
Meghal Gupta and Rachel Yun Zhang (2022)
STOC 2023

An Optimal Algorithm for Certifying Monotone Functions πŸ”—
Meghal Gupta and Naren Sarayu Manoj (2022)
SOSA 2023

Positive Rate Binary Interactive Error Correcting Codes Resilient to >1/2 Adversarial Erasures πŸ”—
Meghal Gupta and Rachel Yun Zhang (2022)
RANDOM 2023*

The Optimal Error Resilience of Interactive Communication Over Binary Channels πŸ”—
Meghal Gupta and Rachel Yun Zhang (2021)
STOC 2022 Best Student Paper
Invited to SICOMP Special Issue for STOC 2022

Interactive Error Correcting Codes Over Binary Erasure Channels Resilient to >1/2 Adversarial Corruption πŸ”—
Meghal Gupta, Yael Tauman Kalai, Rachel Yun Zhang (2021)
STOC 2022

A formula for F-Polynomials in terms of C-Vectors and Stabilization of F-Polynomials πŸ”—
Meghal Gupta (2018)
Research conducted at Twin Cities REU

* These papers are combined in the RANDOM 2023 proceedings.