I am a second year graduate student in the Berkeley EECS department. My interests lie primarily in error correcting codes, interactive coding, and more broadly in algorithms/complexity. I am fortunate to be advised by Venkatesan Guruswami and previously (while at MSR) by Yael Tauman Kalai. My research is supported by a UC Berkeley Chancellor's Fellowship and an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Before my PhD, I completed my undergraduate degree in mathematics at MIT in 2020 and interned at Microsoft Research from 2021-2022.

My paper with Rachel Yun Zhang on The Optimal Error Resilience of Interactive Communication Over Binary Channels won best student paper at STOC 2022.

Outside of research, I am especially excited about supporting girls in math contests. I led/coached the USA high school team for the European Girls Math Olympiad (EGMO) from 2018-2023. Moreover, I co-organize/co-founded of G2 Math Program, a 2-week summer camp bringing together the most talented and dedicated high school girls to train for math olympiads.

meghal [at] berkeley [dot] edu